Tim Oppenheim
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Head Start

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For my daily bread, I am Information Technology Manager for CDI Head Start serving Northeast Arkansas. Head Start is one of the few remaining Great Society programs. We serve over 1000 preschool children in 9 counties.
My work here consists of moving our program forward through the technology adoption curve. I have a lot of stories about things tested and tried.
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Open source Asterisk has blown the incumbent phone systems a curve and a half. Imagine the cost of your telephone system and service cost plummeting to fractions of what they were before. I have a several installations under my belt, but in this very fast pace field things are moving at light speed. Ask me how I can build a system for you for a tiny fraction of what you would pay for proprietary systems.
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I am an unapologetic Google Fanboy. The integration of Gmail with their other Cloud Applications is a no hands down winner for any workgroup bigger than 3.. Here is a press piece from Google that I had a part in, but it's old news now. Ask me how to set this up for your business and organization
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In my search to do be the Jack of All Trades I do dabble in Video Production. You can spot my work weekly on the First United Methodist Church broadcast shown on local channel 15 on Wednesday nights. I have great fun with this. for a small production we use some great tools. I use video in both work and play so check it out.


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Cooking and catering are some of my other life passions. In my younger days I held management positions in a number of restaurants and private clubs. My taste lean toward European and I am occasionally available for interesting jobs in this arena. I have had a weird longing to get back in the thick of things. I, sometimes regrettably, think Chris KImball is a genius.