Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek


I start things always with the best intentions, I really do. I wanted to put my online life here on this site and away from Facebook and Twitter. i have done a very respectable job of de_Facebooking myself and my Twitter use is down to a trickle, but I have not made up for it here.

I wonder why?

Facebook, while making it fantastically easy to find me is a ticking time bomb for most people. With their constant privacy lapses and the way they want your opinion on everything is creepy. I am guessing they are assembling a fantastic profile of me and will shortly anticipate my every action. From the car I will buy to my choices for dinner. If they can’t do that already. I fear that Google, which has had this capability for years will now start to monitize in ways that can only be evil. < TinFoil hat off>

But now I find I just don’t seem to have the energy or creative mojo to do anything interesting. If you gentle reader come across this post, please let me know.