Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek


With only my (half) wits to guide me I boldly make the following predications for 2010:

  • 3G coverage will come to Jonesboro. This is a good market for cell phones and to have a college here, it just seems unseemly not to have decent coverage.
  • NEA Baptist will not make any progress in building a new hospital here.
  • Olive Garden will have lines around it from the time it opens until mid-June. Anybody that goes the first month will be sadly disappointed. Lazzari will have to up their game considerably. Red Lobster will announce opening a store here.
  • Apple will build a tablet, I will want one. I will end up getting something bigger than an iPhone, but smaller than a notebook, that I hope runs OS X.
  • Dell will finally realize that it’s so much cheaper to build the quality in then to fix it on the tail. I also predict that will have at least 5 more issues that require Dell Technical Support this year.
  • Leo Laporte is the model for a very successful media company. I predict that someone in NEA will figure this out and launch a mini-empire. Much to the chagrin of Kait8 and Jonesboro Sun.
  • BarCamp Jonesboro will be a huge success and Steven Trotter will be tapped by the Libertarian Party for his ambitious organizing skills.
  • That Jonesboro CoWorking has a tremendous year, with at least one member moving out because of the growth of their business.
  • That gas prices will rise dramatically again, but that the battery that electric cars need to be viable will finally become marketable. The Chevy Volt will be a huge success, that GM will ultimately screw up.
  • That the series end to LOST will be awesome.
  • Michael will be present in the delivery room at the birth of Jim and Pam’s baby.

That seems good enough to start. I will say that my overall 20 year prediction record hovers around 70%. But since I usual score things in my favor, that may not be too impressive