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Apples just work

The iPad is out and I really want one. I have read so much about them ( that crazy Apple media storm) and it always falls back to what they can’t do. Multitask, I can’t load any app I want,...whatever. So much that people miss the beauty of owning an Apple product.

For the most part...they just work. I would say my various machines operate at a much high uptime rate than any of the PC’s I manage, mainly because Apple is able to control the environment. For most things that’s what I want. I want my phone to take and place calls. I want my computer to do the things I want it to...without drama.

I was listening to
Leo LaPorte and considered that on an Apple product, they spend a lot of time deciding for you how to best handle what ever it the thing is designed to do. They spend years on this, and they do not let the market rush them. On the non-Apple side of things, they do not spend anywhere near the resources to get the optimum use practice out of the hardware or software. Thats why they are usually a variety of controls to allow you to “Customize the experience” most of the time it’s just a hack, because the two working on couldn’t decide how to handle it.

Steve’s original vision for the Mac was a “computer for the rest of us.” an appliance not an
Erector Set" rel="external" title="Erector Sets at Amazon">Erector Set. I think he is finally succeeding.

Apple iPad

Okay it’s out and I have read and heard all the p
undits so once again I feel obliged to comment.

1. People need to understand that Apple is a hardware company. Steve Jobs and Woz made the decision when they started that this is what they do. That’s why they don’t license their software. They want to build and, better still, support the whole widget. I rarely have problems with my machines and when I do they are usually taken care of quickly and professionally. Yes, I do pay for it, but the loss of aggravation and run around is worth it. I know that developers enjoy more loyalty and less headaches by developing for one platform...ask Microsoft.

2. It’s not open. OMG! No it’s not. Thank god. I have no problems with malware or the other constant problems that plague other platforms. Apple users expect their stuff to “ just work “ and it does. I hate it, but Symantic will make good money off their Android Anti-Virus software.

3. The iPad is just a big iPod touch. Yes good. I like the iPod touch, but wish it were just a bit bigger. If you look at vertical markets this device could be killer. Deployed in my organization; a device that could easily be carried and used to fill forms in application like a clipboard, but locked from installing malware seem perfect. I hope that our main vendors work to make their applications iPad ready.

4. iWork? Perfect, now I can do actual work with an application fitted to hardware. Who here has used MS Office with a tablet? If you have you will immediately grasp the issues.

It was time to rethink the tablet. I have used a couple and we have one floating around the house. They are heavy and a pain to use, This will be a huge success for Apple.

Apple, why?

You know what good is it to blog if you can’t pontificate on the things you care about.

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