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This week I started doing so volunteer IT work for our local Hispanic Center. This should be interesting, mainly because I know no Spanish and really my English is not that great either.

Like most non-profits they have technology, but not a real way to pull it all together. This place has a website, phones, a shared computer room and a mix of wired and wireless networks. They had some help a couple of years ago that did most of the work setting it up, but little maintenance. My first goal will be to straightened out phone, printer and network problems. Then tackle the website and help them with some social media outreach.

I am beginning to learn about non-profits. They need office automation more than commercial places, mainly because they are overworked, underpaid, and many times under a lot different pressures than business. I hope to expand on my Head Start experience to see what resources are most effective at this level.



With only my (half) wits to guide me I boldly make the following predications for 2010:

  • 3G coverage will come to Jonesboro. This is a good market for cell phones and to have a college here, it just seems unseemly not to have decent coverage.
  • NEA Baptist will not make any progress in building a new hospital here.
  • Olive Garden will have lines around it from the time it opens until mid-June. Anybody that goes the first month will be sadly disappointed. Lazzari will have to up their game considerably. Red Lobster will announce opening a store here.
  • Apple will build a tablet, I will want one. I will end up getting something bigger than an iPhone, but smaller than a notebook, that I hope runs OS X.
  • Dell will finally realize that it’s so much cheaper to build the quality in then to fix it on the tail. I also predict that will have at least 5 more issues that require Dell Technical Support this year.
  • Leo Laporte is the model for a very successful media company. I predict that someone in NEA will figure this out and launch a mini-empire. Much to the chagrin of Kait8 and Jonesboro Sun.
  • BarCamp Jonesboro will be a huge success and Steven Trotter will be tapped by the Libertarian Party for his ambitious organizing skills.
  • That Jonesboro CoWorking has a tremendous year, with at least one member moving out because of the growth of their business.
  • That gas prices will rise dramatically again, but that the battery that electric cars need to be viable will finally become marketable. The Chevy Volt will be a huge success, that GM will ultimately screw up.
  • That the series end to LOST will be awesome.
  • Michael will be present in the delivery room at the birth of Jim and Pam’s baby.

That seems good enough to start. I will say that my overall 20 year prediction record hovers around 70%. But since I usual score things in my favor, that may not be too impressive


Happy New Year!

To all my friends at Refresh Jonesboro, Twitter, Facebook, Head Start, CoWorking and everyone else, hope that you have a wonderful 2010. We have had a couple years of fire, but now we are all leaner and hardened.

I feel great things are about to happen. So best of luck to you and yours.


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