Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek


We don’t think about what we publish on the web being out to get us, but some recent changes by Facebook have a lot of caveats with them.

We all use Google and we know that they collect a lot of data about us. But my sense is that they stick to what that have stated and are not evil with the data. Additionally they are working hard to make your data portable and transparent. I don’t get that sense at all from Facebook. It seems that each update reduces the privacy that was there before the update, and then making lower privacy settings the default. They do play lip service to privacy by having links to privacy pages, but the actual settings are opaque and not intuitive or easy to use.

The question is why? Pure greed. I think Google was very deliberate in monetizing their service and chose the method that most fell in line with their viewpoint. Again, I don’t get that sense about Facebook. I think that Facebook would readily sell just about every scrap of data on you to the highest bidder. I am sure that there is a skunkwork project that is finding intuitive data about you, just like Google has build intuitive data about the web.