Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek

Asterisk again and again

Well, I made the hopeful comment that I had completed my Asterisk box and it was working extremely well. Well, the IT gods would not let that stand.

It all started calmly. The recording I had made were in my voice and not very good. Lets just say my usual timbre is not conducive to 16 bit mono. So I cranked up speech on my Mac and using Alex, slightly compressed I made the main recording for the IVR. All is well and good, I uploaded and tried it. It failed every time after 20 seconds. So I had to redo everything to trace the fault. After a solid hour I determined it was my SipGate trunk. It was working great last week, now it’s failing after 20 seconds. No big deal I have a back up through Vitality.

Then the VOIP phone that I have connected at the house decided it didn’t want to work. I have spent about 6 hours diagnosing this issue and have finally called in help. I believe I have narrowed to sip_nat.conf but again it was working last week and I have made no changes.

The phone works great from our local network, it’s the greater Internet that’s broken.

Updates soon