Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek

Minor Victories

I say celebrate the small things and the bigs things will take care of themselves.

My PBX hack box I have at CoWorking needed to be rebuilt. I was trying to improve some latency issues I was having with a new WiFi IP phone I picked up and and I screwed it up somehow. Generally I ma really good at undoing something that didn’t quite work, but this time it was no-go.

I made the decision to wipe the drive and reinstall. Now generally for me this is usually the last resort, but since it’s just my play and demo unit it wasn’t such a big issue. I started two days ago and did the whole deal. I had some weird problems with DNS that I settled this morning and this evening finished up.

TADA... I have the box upgrade to latest CentOS, Latest FreePBX. I have it publicly facing the Internet and have the new WiFi phone accessing it properly. Win, Win, Win. I love it when a plan comes together. Tomorrow I will rebuild the IVR and we will be good to go