Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek

The need for geeks

I am a tech enthusiast and I enjoy playing with systems, building servers, figuring out problems, and getting things done. Many times I am just all in my stuff and many time I get lost. I have to back track and used my experience and knowledge to get things going, and even in this day and age some things are not simple.

So knowing what I do, I am constantly surprised by the folks and institutions that don’t have a handy tech guy. Granted there is someone in your business or family that is handy, but I think you are really limiting yourself and your organization by not taking full advantage of whats available. I constantly hear ” I didn’t know that would do that ” and without someone deeply knowledgeable about your setup and goals I don’t see how you would.

My advice ( YIKES ! ) spend a couple of bucks with a real IT guy or gal ( probably not at Best Buy, no offense ) and see if you can get some things rolling with real problem solving.

Phone Gaffs

I love Asterisk, FreePBX, and Open Source, but sometimes things are just so obtuse and you have to dig so deep, it makes you wish for something else. Read More...

Regular Updates- Malware

OMG!!! I just got the worst malware computer I have seen. Here is what it does:

  • Disables Task Manager
  • Deletes MalwareBytes executable
  • Disables Anti-virus
  • Pop Up AntiVirus 2009 and there is no way to stop it.
  • Disables Explorer