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The only thing constant in life is change.

I have been in a 6 weeks long process of re-aligning my after-work projects and activities. I have had a number of projects started that I thought I would have time to build out and I have come to realize that it’s just not going to happen. In geekspeak I was burning clock cycles without output.

In doing so I had to give up some things I really loved, like Co-Working. It’s just a great idea and the guys are awesome, but I just couldn’t justify the cost / benefit. Likewise I have jettisoned a number of web projects that I was exploring, but made no progress on.

In other news, I have been doing quite a bit of volunteer work. I recently helped revamp the
Holy Angels Convent website for the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters. This has been a purely volunteer project for years, so I really have to acknowledge all the geeks that came before me. Well done, Gentlemen, Well Done!