Tim Oppenheim
Standard Geek

Community Work

This week I started doing so volunteer IT work for our local Hispanic Center. This should be interesting, mainly because I know no Spanish and really my English is not that great either.

Like most non-profits they have technology, but not a real way to pull it all together. This place has a website, phones, a shared computer room and a mix of wired and wireless networks. They had some help a couple of years ago that did most of the work setting it up, but little maintenance. My first goal will be to straightened out phone, printer and network problems. Then tackle the website and help them with some social media outreach.

I am beginning to learn about non-profits. They need office automation more than commercial places, mainly because they are overworked, underpaid, and many times under a lot different pressures than business. I hope to expand on my Head Start experience to see what resources are most effective at this level.